kick kick [kɪk] verb
kick in phrasal verb
1. [intransitive] informal if a system, arrangement, event etc kicks in, it begins to have an effect:

• Many lawyers are hurrying to arrange settlements before the new tax rules kick in.

2. [intransitive, transitive] kick something → in to join with others in giving or making money, especially in order to help people:

• In eight years, companies have kicked in $300,000 towards community improvements.

• Sales per employee - one measure of how the staff may or may not be kicking in for a company - rose by 8%.

kick something → off phrasal verb
1. [transitive] FINANCE if an investment kicks off payments, it produces those payments for the investor:

• Single-state muni funds kick off income that is exempt not only from federal taxes but from state taxes as well.

2. [intransitive, transitive] informal if a meeting, event etc kicks off or you kick it off, it starts:

• The conference was scheduled to kick off at noon.

• The company will kick off its advertising campaign in the UK next week.

kick somebody → out phrasal verb [transitive]
informal to dismiss someone from a job or make them leave a group:
kick somebody → out of

• Some of his fellow attorneys tried to kick him out of the profession.

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kick UK US /kɪk/ verb [T]
kick sth into touch — Cf. kick sth into touch
kick the tyres — Cf. kick the tyres
kick sb upstairs — Cf. kick sb upstairs
kick sth upstairs — Cf. kick sth upstairs
See also TIRE KICKER(Cf. ↑tire kicker), KICK STH AROUND(Cf. ↑kick sth around), KICK BACK(Cf. ↑kick back), KICK STH BACK(Cf. ↑kick sth back), KICK IN(Cf. ↑kick in), KICK STH IN(Cf. ↑kick sth in), KICK OFF(Cf. ↑kick off), KICK STH OFF(Cf. ↑kick sth off), KICK SB OUT(Cf. ↑kick sb out)

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